One Hour Small Group Volleyball Clinic
​Small Group of 4 players:  $25 per person
Small Group of 3 players:  $30 per person
Small Group of 2 players: $35 per person

One Hour Private Lessons
1 player with 1 coach: $60
1/2 Hour Private Lessons
1 player with 1 coach: $35

Twice a Month Lesson I am not for sure
13-14 Years Old 17-18 Years Old
Please Select from options below Thursday evenings

We at New South Volleyball are very excited to offer private small group lessons/clinics to any and all volleyball players in the Clarksville, TN area.   Please fill out the information below.  Lessons are taught by coaches that have played/coached at the collegiate level! We are enthusiastic about bringing our knowledge, passion and love of the game to each of our lessons.

New South

Volleyball Club