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New South

about us...

New South  Volleyball is a Junior Olympic/Youth Volleyball Club located in Clarksville, TN. Our club philosophy is “Integrity above all, commitment to athletes, and excellence through training."  New South was created out of a vision to foster the passion of volleyball while building volleyball athletes in Clarksville, Montgomery County and Christian County areas.   New South VBC promotes training to create excellent volleyball athletes. We help create these athletes by striving to ensure a well-rounded person. This is done by infusing strong teamwork skills, leadership training, while cultivating positive self-esteem and mental toughness. We look forward to the continued development of players and teams in the area!  In the past few years we have helped players earn college scholarships, earn a place on their varsity volleyball team, and improve their volleyball skills and knowledge!  You will find a family like atmosphere at New South VBC and we look forward to bringing you in as part of the family.

Mission Statement
New South Volleyball  is dedicated to youth and young adult athletes. Our primary goal is maintain the integrity of the athlete and club while teaching the fundamental skills that are imperative to volleyball and fostering a passion of the sport.


serving Clarksville, Montgomery County, Houston County and Christian County